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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Goal: To Help 1000 Women Look and Feel Beauty-Full!!!!

Are you one of those 1000 women!!!

Do you want to look younger with a few makeup tricks?!

Do you want fuller lashes and the appearance of bigger, brighter eyes?!!

Do you want to learn how to have glowing skin!?

Do you want to look and feel better than you did yesterday?!

Do you want to learn how to do all of those things and more with just a few makeup products and the RIGHT makeup techniques?!

Yes? Yes? and Yes?!

Read on...

As a professional makeup artist, who has taught hundreds of women each year how to use makeup easily and quickly to look better and feel better about themselves, I set out to create a makeup guide that just had to have a few important features!!!!

  • ü  It had to be functional - so I designed it to stand up-right on a table, bathroom counter or wherever you want to use it!
  • ü    The makeup guide has to teach the exact techniques that I teach in a private makeup lesson!
  • ü  You have to be able to use it again and again until applying makeup was quick and easy for you to do – everyday!
  • ü  The book has to teach you what products you need and how to use them easily – with pictures and instructions!
  • ü  It had to be clear and easy to follow!
It took me over 10 years to plan, over a year to design, write, edit & have the book illustrated and printed the way I envisioned it!  I have taught makeup lessons for the last 13 years and I knew what my clients wanted, what they needed, and what I could help them with!

My makeup clients want to use makeup to help them look younger, to enjoy a radiant & glowing complexion, to feel beautiful and do their makeup easily and quickly, everyday!!!

My goal with writing, designing and publishing Mango Tango Makeup Guide was to have 1000 women read, use, learn and grow from the book!  

To have the book teach them what they needed and to use makeup products to their advantage.  To create smooth even skin.  To build thick, beautiful lashes.  To create full, luscious lips.  To look and feel beautiful without having to spend hours fighting with make-up or being frustrated about not seeing the results that makeup can offer them!

When I decided to write, create and publish Mango Tango Makeup Guide, I had one thing in mind, to create the best possible tool to help women learn what products they need, and the techniques necessary, to apply makeup beautifully on themselves daily!

Well, the other day, I received a gift in my inbox, it went like this...

"Dear Nicki,

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did on my makeup at the wedding. I have never been so impressed and felt so beautiful. I never thought after seeing the incredible job you did that I would ever be able to do my own makeup like that.

However, this has changed since my purchase of the Mango Tango Makeup Guide. I spent a few hours going through the book from beginning to end and in that short time learned how to create simple and amazing every day looks.

Within moments of walking into work I received multiple compliments on my makeup, which has never happened before. It made me feel absolutely wonderful.

The guide is so easy to follow and I absolutely love that I can have it standing up on the counter beside me so I can follow along as I apply my makeup.

Not only does it teach you the basics of makeup application but tailors the instructions for all skin types and tones. I especially love the “pro tips” throughout the book.

Thank you so much for making a book that has shown me how to create an amazing look without making me feel completely overwhelmed. I can’t wait to start trying out some of the more advanced looks in the bonus section.

I would recommend the Mango Tango Makeup Guide to absolutely everyone and think every woman would benefit from owning a copy of your guide.

You are an incredible artist. Thanks for making me feel beautiful!



Here are some photos that Nicole sent to me along with this beautiful email.

If you are like my clients and want to learn all of those things and more, then click here to buy your copy now!

Want to learn more?!  

Keep reading!

My beauty philosophy is very simple:  Use makeup to enhance your best features and cheat a little with a few amazing tricks to minimize our not so favourite features.  Always celebrate beauty from the inside out and want to improve yourself for the most important person in the world - YOU!!!!!

The idea is really to use a few products that are perfect for you and your needs, using professional techniques to enhance your natural beauty and help you look and feel your ABSOLUTE BEST! So that you feel so freaking fantastic, that your day couldn't start any better!!

All this in one makeup guide, written casually, girlfriend-to-girlfriend! or better yet, professional makeup artist-to-girlfriend!

Click here to check out these amazing before and after photos of just a few of Mango Tango's Makeup clients!

Do you want to be one of my 1000 ladies that I will help look and feel beauty-full with my makeup guide??!!

Click here to purchase your copy of the book now and get limited edition bonuses for FREE!

When you purchase your copy of Mango Tango Makeup Guide NOW, you will receive a few limited edition bonuses for FREE!!

  • A limited edition, leather Mango Tango wrap bracelet! One size fits all! Printed with one of our favourite quotes from Coco Chanel : Women should be two things "classy & fabulous"!!
  • Access to a free live monthly webinar with Nicki Traikos, Professional Makeup Artist & Author of Mango Tango Makeup Guide where you can ask any makeup, beauty, skin-care related question and see live demonstration of techniques and products!
  • Access to Nicki via email to answer any personal questions you may have!

If that doesn't convince you that you should be one of my 1000 ladies who want to look and feel beauty-full, keep reading!!

When I turned 40, I knew that I wanted to always look a feel younger than my age! What I didn't realize is how much less makeup I would wear!  LESS??!! Crazy right?! Did you know that wearing the wrong makeup shade or applying makeup incorrectly can age you?! 

Yup!  I said it out loud.

Makeup can age you if you don't wear the right products for you!!!

Have a look at this TV appearance that I did on this beautiful, mature model

Stunning right?!! Not a lot of makeup right?!!!

Looks easy right?!!

Well, makeup is easy with a bit of practice using the right tools and techniques.  That's what I teach my clients and why I wanted to produce a makeup guide that they could use when I wasn't there to help them.  To remind them where to highlight or how to contour or where bronzer should go!

That's why I decided to dedicated many hours writing, designing, and sitting side-by-side with my illustrator to produce a book that would help women use some simple makeup to look and feel amazing about themselves and tackle the day or event with confidence in themselves!

Purchase a copy of Mango Tango Makeup Guide today and be one of the 1000 women who I set out to reach, to touch, to help!

Don't want a printed copy of the book?!!!

I hear ya!

I love reading books on my iPad too!

That's why we worked with a publishing company to produce a copy of Mango Tango Makeup Guide for the iPad, Kindle, Nook and Kobo!!

An electronic version of the makeup guide is available, as the best version possible!  That means, this book is fully illustrated, in colour and electronic books are simple text on a plain background.  So, some formatting has gotten lost in translation, but the great thing is that you can take the book everywhere you go on your handy device!!!

Click here to purchase your electronic version on the iPad

Click here to purchase your electronic version on the Kindle

Click here to purchase your electronic version on the Nook

Click here to purchase your electronic version on the Kobo

Cheers to joining my goal to help 1000 women look and feel beauty-full!

Stay connected with me through Mango Tango's Fan Page on Facebook and let me know how you are doing.  

Have questions, ask away and I will do my best always to help you always! 

Thank you for inspiring me everyday and cheers to always feeling fabulous and looking your best!

Afterall, women should be two things 
"classy & fabulous"!!
xo Nicki

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mango Tango Makeup Guide Launch Party on TV!!!

What better way to celebrate a huge accomplishment but with a party!?!!! RogersTV was there to cover it! 

Tune in all week long!  We'll post the episode soon!

  • Monday, May 30:4:30 AM - Exploring the latest looks, trends, tastes and sounds of York Region. This week on YRL: Le Cirque Gala, Orchyd Spa, Heathwood Homes Green Home, The Grand Social, Pickleball and Young at Heart.
    8:00 PM - Exploring the latest looks, trends, tastes and sounds of York Region. This week on YRL: Mango Tango Make up Guide, Cooking with Mom, Salco Patio, Four Winds Kite Festival, National Darts Competition, Charity Golf Tournament and more.